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Sweetie Pie: Seamstress for Hire!


Sweetie Pie is a freelance clothing business, specializing in custom fitted costumes, cosplay and Lolita fashion.  Contact me to request one of the garments examples – custom-made to fit you! – or to commission something special!  It is dedicated to creating the perfect recreation for cosplay, the most accurate historical recreations, unique Lolita clothing and anything that you can imagine!

Owner, designer and seamstress Erin Miskiewicz has a B.F.A. in Costume Design and Technology with four years of professional experience and three years in Lolita fashion.

Pricing is different for every item, but determined largely by time.  Namely, time needed to finish the garment and all it’s complexities well and the requested or agreed upon deadline.  Please contact me to begin a dialogue about pricing for your specially-made garment!

Custom fitted, made-to-order:
-Seampunk Clothing
-Historical Costumes
-Lolita Fashion
-Customer Designed Clothing

Contact me via Facebook or E-mail to request your custom-made order today!

Sweetie Pie Facebook Page

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xoxo Christmas

Another Merry Christmas this year!  It's always so amazing to have time to share with the people I love most, which this year included flying to Montreal on Christmas Day to spend time with my fiance and his family.  Travelling in Lolita isn't nearly as bad as it might seem, and kept me warm up north in the snow.  But they did have to pat down my petticoats because the x-ray machine couldn't read through them haha.
We had a lot of presents under our tiny tree, as you can see...
And my family got me some pretty fun and exciting stuff...
But most of all!  My first brand dress, and one of my dream dresses at that!  BTSSB Alice and her Black Cat JSK II.  I was very happy...
A great Christmas over all, and more fun to be had up north in the snow!

Merry Christmas everyone!
"For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace."
Isaiah 9:6
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Engaged in Lolita

big news.

ring 1b
My fiance - which is still weird to say haha - Jeremy, did so good on picking out this beautiful ring ALL BY HIMSELF!  I'm so impressed!  Also, I was impressed by his ability to kneel on ICE to propose while skating at a rink he had rented out for just the two of us!
It was pretty much the best thing ever and I cried all of my make-up twice.  I was so happy that my family was also there and got to take lots of shots of crying-face-Erin haha

On another note, I've uploaded quite a few videos to my Vlog, some which are really helpful in drafting your own Sloper Pattern, and some others which are just me talking and trying to be helpful :)

As always, if you have any suggestions for a video or have any questions, just ask!

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Birthday Dress!

It was very special thanks to my super amazing boyfriend!  I was able to get super dressed up in my new dress and he took me out for a very romantic and fancy dinner at the Melting Pot!  He made me feel so special, like a princess!
 was fairly pleased with my birthday dress, except that I think I made the center front panel a smidge too wide ( but thankfully it doesn't warp my figure too much ) and I have to look into taking some fullness out of the skirt, just a wee bit too much.  Still, it was so much fun to wear and I felt so pretty!
Yeah for birthdays with boyfriends <3 
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All Hallow's Eve 2012

My two costumes for Halloween!  (pre-weekend party and day)

First, Daphne (from scooby doo) inspired 1950's outfit with my new AMAZING wig from GLW
d (2)b
d (3)
d (6)

d (10)b
Wig: Gothic Lolita Wigs
Headband: Offbrand/Old haha
Scarf: Vintage
Dress: Handmade
Belt: Black House White Market
Tights: Forever21
Shoes: Black House White Market

And on Halloween day in shop I re-coordinated my Alice outfit!
Wig: Gothic Lolita Wigs
Head Accessories: Handmade
Dress: Handmade
Apron: Handmade
Gloves: Claire's
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline
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Comedy, comedy, comedy...And more!

Going slow, but I finally finished my Birthday Dress amongst the array of show work that hath been dumped upon me.  But three shows are out and only the Opera and 2 shows left!  YATTA!

For Comedy of Errors, I built Luciana's costume and it was SUPER fun.  The show was told through masks and circus acrobats.  tehe
comedy 2comedy
BIRTHDAY DRESS!  which i will wear on my birthday, of course.

And a couple other fun dress-up times...
New engineer skirt...
reynolda aristocracy

And the Celestial Pony skirt...
And my christmas dress is coming along...  

And I'm making a tutu....
and I've done  few more sewing tutorial blog things all here.... 

BAM!  life.
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Stripey Stripes and Stars

New Blouse and Skirt!
Probably won't wear the blouse until it starts to get cold but I might take some pictures of it worn sometime.
I'll wearing the high-waisted skirt in a gothic coord on Friday and then in a classic cord the following week at a meet-up.
The stary/unicorn skirt I will be wearing in a sweet coord to Carolina Anime Day on Saturday.
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i'm singing my BLLLUUUUUEEE!

New blue blouse!  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.  I did covered buttons for the first time and I really love them, I think it really helps push it from lookin handmade to looking professional. Plus all of the insides look pretty too which is a big plus!  Probably the best blouse I have made so far!  I am going to be wearing so much sweet now haha
also, I got a manicure today!  w00t I have unicorn sparkles on my nails!