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Sweetie Pie: Seamstress for Hire!
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Sweetie Pie is a freelance clothing business, specializing in custom fitted costumes, cosplay and Lolita fashion.  Contact me to request one of the garments examples – custom-made to fit you! – or to commission something special!  It is dedicated to creating the perfect recreation for cosplay, the most accurate historical recreations, unique Lolita clothing and anything that you can imagine!

Owner, designer and seamstress Erin Miskiewicz has a B.F.A. in Costume Design and Technology with four years of professional experience and three years in Lolita fashion.

Pricing is different for every item, but determined largely by time.  Namely, time needed to finish the garment and all it’s complexities well and the requested or agreed upon deadline.  Please contact me to begin a dialogue about pricing for your specially-made garment!

Custom fitted, made-to-order:
-Seampunk Clothing
-Historical Costumes
-Lolita Fashion
-Customer Designed Clothing

Contact me via Facebook or E-mail to request your custom-made order today!

Sweetie Pie Facebook Page

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