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Engaged in Lolita
baby valentines

big news.

ring 1b
My fiance - which is still weird to say haha - Jeremy, did so good on picking out this beautiful ring ALL BY HIMSELF!  I'm so impressed!  Also, I was impressed by his ability to kneel on ICE to propose while skating at a rink he had rented out for just the two of us!
It was pretty much the best thing ever and I cried all of my make-up twice.  I was so happy that my family was also there and got to take lots of shots of crying-face-Erin haha

On another note, I've uploaded quite a few videos to my Vlog, some which are really helpful in drafting your own Sloper Pattern, and some others which are just me talking and trying to be helpful :)

As always, if you have any suggestions for a video or have any questions, just ask!


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